Product supply inspection services for end customers.

We guarantee that the delivered goods correspond to the quality and quantity according to the contract between the parties.

Checking the supply of counterfeit products is an effective way to protect customers from low-quality fakes that can pose a significant threat to your business.

What is the Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI)

Supply Inspection (CDI) is a tool designed to control the quality of deliveries by dealers to the end customer. CDI allows you to: 

  •  increase the loyalty of your customers, who, in case of doubt, can contact you to check the quality of the products supplied under your brand.
  • Protect your brand - it will help to identify and stop counterfeit products under your brand.

Supply Inspections - How it works

As a rule, the principle of operation of the Supply Inspection (CDI) is as follows:

  1.  The customer (Copyright Holder) enters into a framework agreement with Business Optima LLP;
  2.  Employees of Business Optima LLP undergo training to determine the originality of products. Receive a certificate of experts of your Brand's products.
  3.  The customer himself can request verification if he notices suspicious offers in tenders or believes that the delivery contains suspicious products. To do this, you need to fill out the request form on our website.
  4.  The Customer also places on its official website a request form (signal) for customers. Also, the link to the signals can be transmitted to law enforcement agencies (DER, DP, customs authorities).
  5.  After the request, the Customer sends a request from the client (signal) to Business Optima LLP for execution.
  6. Employees of Business Optima LLP contact the end customer (LEA) who sent the signal to agree on the date and time of the delivery inspection (CDI).
  7. Inspection of supplies is carried out by going to the place and physical inspection or on the basis of photographs of goods (equipment) in agreement with the Customer and end customers based on economic feasibility.
  8.  According to the results of the Inspection, a corresponding report is prepared, which, after agreement with the Customer, is sent to the End Customer, together with the certificate of the responsible expert.
  9. The Delivery Inspection Period (CDI) depends on the remoteness of the location and the scope of the inspection. 

The process of determining the originality and quality of products

In the process of conducting CDI, employees are guided by direct instructions from Customers about the signs of counterfeit (quality) products, as well as 10 years of experience in determining counterfeit / counterfeit products. As a rule , the process of determining the originality of products consists of the following steps:

  1. Checking for signs on the box (dimensions, fonts (type, size, color, typos), tape, material quality, cutouts, incisions).
  2.  Checking the packaging of the products themselves (dimensions, fonts (type, size, color, typos), glue, material quality, cutouts, incisions, serial numbers, etc.).
  3. Checking the inner packaging (if available).
  4.  Checking the product itself (material quality, serial codes, presence/absence of signs of artisanal assembly, etc.).

As a rule, it is possible to detect violations of the following types:

  •  counterfeit packaging and goods, with the Customer's trademark.
  •  original packaging (used), so-called repackaging and counterfeit goods.
  •  original products, but sold without the consent of the copyright holder.